Why is it Essential to Make an Old Building Sustainable and Smart?


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Global CO2 emission numbers are skyrocketing with every passing year, and carbon emissions from buildings are the major problems every government has to deal with. In 2013, the concentration of CO2 crossed the threshold of 400 parts of a million for the first time in a million years. Ever since things have gotten worse. Today, we’re at approximately 416 ppm, and if this continues, we’ll hit about 450ppm in a decade or so, causing irreversible damages to the climate.

We’re witnessing some of the worst climate changes over the last few years globally. If not now, then we’ll never get the opportunity to reverse the damages caused by us, and it starts from creating sustainable facilities, commercial places, and homes.

What is a Sustainable Building?

Buildings that use energy and resources efficiently, have minimal or no negative impacts on the earth, a reduced carbon footprint, and a healthy indoor climate can be considered sustainable buildings. Achieving such a thing requires smart and intelligent building systems like adjusting heating and ventilation system, smart energy management solutions, energy-efficient lighting control systems, reliable renewable energy sources, and environment-friendly waste management procedures.

How to Make an Old Building Sustainable?

When it comes to creating sustainable buildings, a smart building automation system comes to the rescue. Thanks to the Internet of Things applications that have paved the way to create sustainable buildings and homes. However, building automation systems aren’t only limited to newly constructed buildings. Yes, many older buildings can become smart buildings that can reduce their carbon footprint. Many structures are alive, well-quipped with smart technologies allowing for automated process of things.

But, many facilities often overlook the advantages of having automated building systems in their buildings. Understanding the benefits and importance of automation can help create sustainable buildings that don’t impact the environment negatively.

Taking the advantage of the smart building can lead to significant financial savings for businesses of all sizes and enhance the productivity. Investing in automated building provides a quick payback while increasing the property value.

Building owners have a common misconception that creating a sustainable building is expensive and cause major disruptions in business. In reality, none of this is true. You don’t have to rebuild your facility or go for a revamp completely.

All you need to do is install smart building control systems, including automating your HVAC, ventilation, using smart lighting controls, charging points for electric vehicles, not over utilising the resources, etc.

Until a decade ago, there’s was only a few automated, sustainable buildings around the world. Today, many businesses are embracing smart building management systems. Why don’t you integrate smart building controls into your facility and start saving time, money, and more importantly, contribute to making the world a better place to live for our future generations?

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