Should You Invest In Automated Building Systems?


Facility management is one of the key elements of a successful business. Every facility manager would agree to this. Managing a facility isn’t an easy task. Right from security to operation, facility management is as stressful as it is. But, what if there’s an integrated facility solution that simplifies and optimise while helping your organisation achieve its goals and objectives? Yes, we’re talking about automated building systems!

Wouldn’t that be great to have such a system in place so that you could manage and operate your facility efficiently? Automation in buildings has revolutionised the future of the building industry. Developed to meet the ever-growing demand for streamlined building maintenance, building automation and control systems provides businesses a focus on their core business.

Building automation and control systems provide a plethora of benefits. But are they worth investing in? Indeed! You’ll have to take a look at the following reasons to understand why it is worth investing in:-

Reduce Energy Cost

Did you know? The building sector accounts for about 76% of electricity use and is associated with greenhouse gas emissions affecting the environment. Most of the energy comes from the HVAC systems and lightings. This’s when iot platform comes into the picture. Research says that buildings without smart lighting and automation systems are considerably less energy efficient than their technologically advanced buildings as they have climate and lighting control systems that operate accordingly.

Do you manage buildings that are less efficient? Probably you’ll want to consider building automations systems. Incorporating building automation systems would drastically reduce the energy usage in your facility and help save a significant amount on utility bills, approximately 29%, saving thousands of dollars.

Enhance Productivity

Is it possible to enhance productivity with building automation? Yes! A building automation system enhances three corporate productivity elements, including retention, attraction, and employee engagement. Building automation systems benefits building owners in many ways, especially businesses that look for specific advantages of such an investment that brings to their table. Better building operation leads to lower energy cost, efficient systems, less maintenance, more flexibility and happier employees more likely to stay and be productive, increasing the bottom line.

Increase Property Value

Investments that make in your building infrastructure are assets. But, there’s a lot more property value to be gained when a facility is integrated with BAS (building automation system). BAS will allow you to meet or exceed the demands and requirements for achieving the sought after certifications, including LEED, WELL, and Energy Star. This allows increasing the property value.

As you see, these reasons are enticing building owners and facility managers to seek and value the perks of intelligent BAS and controls to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The author is a blogger and helps to create intelligent environments. He specialises in designing and creating innovative automated building systems. Visit for more details.


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